Journeys: An Art Journaling Adventure


Journeys is an art journaling adventure! It is an adventure because all pages and spreads produced in this course will be made intuitively. While I will teach some basic techniques and provide some guidelines the final page will come completely from your unconscious. In that way you will be learning to produce art that is all you! In this way as you journey with me through this exciting process you will learn so much about yourself; about the inner workings of your soul.


As you experience and examine your art you will discover and get better and better acquainted with a new language- the language of your heart. But let’s be clear this is an adventurous journey and so you will be sure to encounter varied internal terrain; places where you may feel challenged and want to give up, places where you may feel scared or angry, places where you are pushed to your edge! The good news is that all this drama is played out with paper and paint and it is impossible to be hurt or to get lost. As your guide and fellow journier I won’t allow it. So if you’re interested in taking the trip of your life without ever leaving home join me for Journey’s!



Why art Journaling?

Art journaling or visual journaling is the practice of expressing yourself through art and words within the safe, personal and private confines of a book. Really, any book can be an art journal and I personally recommend a basic inexpensive composition notebook as a great way book to start in. For those of you who have kept a written journal before, art journaling differs from this ancient and equally useful practice by getting beyond words to the secret places of the heart and intuition; the places of our higher selves. In that way it is a spiritual practice to me and is central to my efforts at maintaining a sense of personal well-being.

Through Art journaling I communicate deeply with myself and have a visual reference and sometimes words to return to, to reflect over and over again. As I work in my journal the incessant mental monologue is quietened and in that sense it is a meditative practice that increases my intuition and encourages me to know my true self more deeply.

Art journaling also presents challenges, and helps us to solve problems and express all kinds of emotions. I learn that the layers of each page mirror and echo the many layered facets of my life and personal experiences and I learn so much on each journey. For that is what art journaling is; an endless series of life adventures in which you always emerge the hero. You can do no wrong and every outcome is acceptable and welcome. Note I did not say beautiful; because art journaling is a true reflection of life itself not all journeys will be pretty the view is not always scenic or tranquil nor are all the pathways ones you would necessarily want to revisit. But they are all filled with useful lessons and some are beautiful too.

If all that sounds appealing and intriguing to you, then come along and join the adventure!

The Journey – Course Details




On this journey we will explore:
  1. Getting acquainted with your tools, prepping your journal, setting intentions and overview of the Landmarks
  2. Understanding the terrain of colour and playing with colour creating backgrounds (first layers)
  3. Making marks– tools (brush, fingers, various objects)- scribble- etching-stamping- shapes
  4. Texture– Visual and physical. Using pattern, thick paint, etching, stamping and a host of other techniques to create interesting textures that can help express mood and emotions.
  5. Forms or abstract?
  6. Words– written/collage/stamping and coming up with a title for your journal


By participating in this workshop the ‘journier’ will
  1. Understand that each page is a journey
  2. Understand the journey of each painting
  3. See the parallels between the painting process and their own life journey
  4. Learn or become more aware of their own rhythms and patterns in their lives
  5. Take risks and go into uncomfortable places and emerge unscathed
  6. Learn more about art making
  7. Journey from not knowing to confidence.
  8. Be part of a growing community of journiers in our Private Facebook Group

Materials List


•Journal – any book will do- (composition book preferred)
•Acrylic paints (red, blue, yellow, titanium white and black -must)
•White glue (e.g. Elmers or glue stick)
•Black ink fine point permanent marker (e.g. sharpie)
•Tissue and other papers for collage (magazines, newspapers etc)
•Toothpicks, skewers and other implements for scratching into the paint

Additional – My faves – The Materials I Use

•Fluid acrylics (particularly transparent colours such as phthalo turquois, and quinacridone magenta)
•Portfolio water soluble oil pastels
•Gesso (clear or white recommended)
•Old credit card/bank card/hotel room key
•Paint pens/permanent markers

How does Art Journaling Heal?


I believe art journaling has magic healing abilities. Here are a few of the ways it works its healing magic…


Art journaling helps you to

  • Increase creativity and creative problem solving
  • Face fears
  • Identify and confront emotional blocks
  • Process and express emotions
  • Distract from physical discomfort
  • Increase intuition
  • Increase joy
  • Build connections through community
  • Facilitate self-discovery
  • Increase relaxation and relieve stress
  • Balance left/right brain functions

Land Marks

  • Personal Responsibility: We are responsible for showing up fully to the practice, to abiding by the landmarks and contributing to the community in small ways such as tidying up your space when the class is done. Each woman is also responsible for asking for what she needs including support, help, supplies etc. We are each also responsible for doing our best to maintain the integrity of the group by refraining from gossip, or any other form of negative and damaging talk about group members or others.
  • No Advice please: Every woman is capable of coming to her own conclusions and solutions for any problems she encounters. Even direct questions seeking advice can and should be redirected. If this becomes difficult seek the intervention of the facilitator.  Encouragement on the other hand is welcome!
  • Focus on greatness yours and everyone else’s: Every woman here is packaged full of her own personal greatness, and our job as a community is to seek that in each member and where possible to reflect it. This is not to say that some traits or characteristics of some group members or even the facilitator may not be challenging to you. Our job is to seek the good in each other. If the group becomes too much to handle there is always the option to refer to landmark #1 and do the responsible thing for yourself. This may mean that you choose to no longer participate.



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